January Artist Of The Month – YL Ques

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Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from

A: I’m YL Ques Artist/Songwriter from Atlanta Ga. Born in Auburn Alabama also have roots in the Bay Area California as well as the Delta Mississippi.

How did you get started in the music business?

A: Being in school taking college courses in the particular area, to being in the club and the DJ playing my record and receiving a good response and feedback. It all kind of stemmed from there to sum it all up.

What do you feel like the music scene is like for independent artists like yourself in your city

A: In my city it’s full of opportunities for independent artists or anyone else in the entertainment industry trying to get their foot in the door.

For those who havent heard your music how would you describe it?

A:Great, Inspiring, captivating, meaningful, original, timeless, uplifting, with good feel and vibe.

What is the current single(s) that you are pushing and where can people find it?

A: I’m currently pushing “Born to Win”, “Better Days” and “KAP” which are all singles from my most recent album “Born to Win” available on All digital streaming platforms everywhere!

What goals do you want to achive with in the next year? 

A: In 2019 i will be taking my music career to next level in every aspect. Leveling up all across the board. Big things are on the way! The grind never stops.

How did you come up with the name YL Ques?

A: YL come from the movement and the Brand which stands for Young & Livin. Ques (pronounced Quez) has always been my nickname short for Jaques.

What is one thing people dont know about you that you would like for them to know?

A: I’m also a songwriter. I write and arrange music.

What is something that is a must have when you are recording?

A: In my recording sessions it’s a must I have some snacks and drinks. Of course anything else to enhance the vibes lol. But mos def the food and drinks.

What is one thing that you can do without?

If you had to select an artist you wanted to work with who would it be and why?

A: Rick Ross. I respect hard work and greatness! It’s not to many doing what he have done for him and his team in this game that’s still relevant. Either him Gucci, Jeezy, Future, or Drake.

What is something that you want people to take away from when listening to your music?
A: The substance and the content from my music. Which is the reason why I’m able to create timeless and authentic music.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years with your music career?
A: In a whole other playing field. Still crafting and bettering myself of being an great artist as well as being mentioned amongst the great ones. But most importantly to be able to give others a platform as such as mine to become their own.

Besides music is there anything else that you are apart of? 

A: Naw, Music Is Life! My only Commitment 

Where can people find you at on social media?

A: You can find me on Ig: @ylques and Twitter: @ylques_

Do you have any shout outs?

A: I like to give a S/o to my team Live Independent, West Empire, Dick James/LaTrese Management , LLC and everyone that I’ve ever worked and collab with throughout the industry (GuyAtl, DJ Pressure, DJ Designerkidd, Million Mark Films, Aye Major, etc). Most importantly I like to give a Big S/o and thanks to everyone that have ever supported me in anyway. Friends, family, and everyone that I don’t personally know that took a liking to me and my music, I truly appreciate you all and y’all  the reasons I go hard everyday. Luv for Life! And to anyone I may have missed I appreciate you all supporting and rocking with me.

YL Ques – YL Outro
YL Ques – Kap
YL Ques – Born To Win
YL Ques – Better Days

December Artist of the Month – Young Ent

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Whats good.. My name is Young Ent. Ive been doing music for about 10yrs now. I was a late bloomer when it comes to music but god bless me with a wonderful talent I didn’t even know I had. I was introduced to music from my big brother Tu Tu G. If it wasn’t for him and On Da Grind Ent. I wouldn’t be doing music today. It was because he and the team inspired me to do it when I didnt believe in myself. I think the music scene is like a ocean but infested in sharks. Its alot of hate in Atlanta but not just in Atlanta but everywhere cause everybody now of days wanna be a rapper and with nessage behind it. I feel as some people have it… And some people dont. Music has changed so much substance wise. My music is more about my life anf situations that Ive been through. My music is real and truthful. I speak to be a voice to our kids and community. My single Im pushing as of now is #ComingForEverything Ive been pushing this record for 2 yrs now and it’s still making noise since the first day I dropped it. I would describe my music as il ( In your face ) motivation for others to be different and speak there mind. My last name is Young And I’m a vreat entertainer… So put them together… You get ( Young Ent ) In the next year I plan to be the biggest artist in the music industry since 2pac and Biggie. You can find #ComingForEverything on all music platforms and on my Youtube

( THEREALYOUNGENT ) One thing to know about me is I support everybody and not in competition with no one but myself. I want to be better than me everyday. A must have when Im recording is peace and quit to record… And one thing I can do without is people in my session while Im recording if there not on the record that is… When I work I want to work and zone out into the music.If I could work with any artist it would be Ludacris cause we have alot of similarities and lyrically I think he is slept on the must and dont get his credit when it comes to substance and delivery. What I want people to take away from while listening to my music is… Motivation that they can do what ever they want to do in life, just put ur mind to it, work hard and keep god first cause without him nothing would be posible. I see myself being very wealthy in 5 yrs and not rich… Its a difference. I’m a full time father and a ceo to my brand and company
( Derty Mid ) Which stands from Dirth South & Midwest put together. Im from E. Saint Louis, Illinois and I reside in Atlanta, Ga. Put them together and u get unity… 3/4 of the United States… If I can get everybody screaming it in unity… We can get ( Trump ) out of office 2020. You can find me on all social media at
( @young_ent )  and I want to shout out to god my family ( wife & kids ) my mother, God … My producers @bino100keys @fatt_onda_track @gee_ged @eastsideslimm @bloomondabeat @djstreetz905 I want to thank @Imdaplugg Mr Vandyke and anyone that has helped me along the way. Too many to name but I do remember those who helped me. To all my fans thank you for supporting me all these hears and this is just the beginning… So stay tuned as Im still #ComingForEverything check out my second single #Scrimps aka #Pappadeaux produced by @fatt_onda_track certified banger… And Ima let We Balzing Hip-Hop have it first…
#DertyMidSalute to yall cause its appreciated this way. God bless.