About Us


Our History

WBHH - We Blazin Hip Hop started out as Home Team Radio on August 26, 2010. From the beginning the goal was always to give independent artists a spotlight to have their music heard more than just a few minutes here and there. Through it all Home Team Radio made a successful run with giving the exposure to many different artists. Now that we have found a new platform to broadcast from the decision was made to change the name to give a new distinction as to what we do and that is Blazin' Hip Hop (and R&B). WBHH - We Blazin Hip Hop #1 For Independent Artist Hip Hop and R&B

Meet the Team

At WBHH - We Blazin Hip Hop we want you to know who is making the day to day decisions as far as the station as a whole including programming and music.


Lo Lo G

Founder & Manager


Billy Bloco

 Program Director


DJ Dee Louis

Music Director