Kingjayy is an innovative new underground sensation on the southern hip-hop and alternative music scene. He is a part of the burgeoning hip-hop collective “Pocketful” which are a very talented collective of rappers and producers whom operate like “The Avengers” on the underground music scene. KINGJAYY is dropping dropped his debut mix tape “Leo Music” on Halloween 2018. The twelve track project is a solid collection of gumbo cooked up displaying different aspects of his authentic off brand fun-loving style of hip-hop. The single “1st. Luv” is creating a buzz through out the underground circuit regionally. Yes it’s a familiar theme of representing money, wealth, ambition, swag, sauce, etc. etc. but his unique flow, the track, and his overall swag is different and in it’s own lane. Wait till the video premiers it will definitely have you viewing the song itself very different from others with the same content in the same genre. His music is very diverse and is show cased in his song Black Queen. Stay tuned for : Kingjayy Music!!! “Leo Music” Volume 1. drops courtesy of K.I.N.G JAYY Music, Global Star Entertainment Group, Pocketful World, and Street-Wize Muzikworkz!!!

You can find me on IG @kingjayymusic