WBHH Featured Artist – Moddaw

Moddaw, born James Kabi is a Best Hiphop Artist Ultimate Music Award 2017 nominee. A Lesotho, Africa based independent soft trap singer, songwriter, actor and film producer.Debuting his international music career with the 2017, 14 track album titled King Solomoni. His next release is set for february 8th 2019. Some of his popular songs include, “This is the life”, ” Hell of a love” and “Millionaire dreams”. The Peka born Trapstar is also founder and chairman at Msejah Media, a Lesotho based entertainment, music distribution and promotion company. He has worked with world class producers including Nejah, John Mak, Legion Beatz etc. This Africa based Sesotho and English trap star is also an awarding winning poetry writer and performer and publisher, he is a member of BMI and a founding member of Mechini
About the Song
“This Song of Happiness”Is a celebration/party song by Moddaw feat. Palvo, the two are members of Lesotho based hip hop group Mechini and artists of Msejah Media, an indie record label and production company in Lesotho. Link to song:https://www.musicbox.co.ls/artist/moddaw/single/this-song-of-happiness-feat-palvo-1549104508