Artist Name:Blow_flyy     Album: BLOOD N HONEY
Hometown:TORONTO, Ontario, Canada
Style of music:hiphop/rap
Description:Canadian independent hiphop songwriter recording artist and Performer

Bio:  Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with new thought process, he does it his way, for the Fans, that is without rhyming, {“Where is it written or Who said rhyming is a must in hiphop to be considered a quality entertaining rap artist”?} instead being a story teller. When it comes to the industry, he like most artists who are true to the game and themselves. Blow_flyy  is currently Grinding pursuing his career as an independent artist. While many artists are looking & Chasing labels to be signed, Blow_flyy continually Grinds forward Building his own Blow_flyy Brand. Blow_flyy remains loyal to his identity and Career Goals.

As an artist who has clean content, he has potential to gain a lot of respect within the wide spectrum of the industry. Respect with parental units and less vulgar entities will bring new $$money in a present yet undisturbed $$revenue stream. Blow_Flyy is destined to make a dent in the industry starting in Canada, to the U.S., and then world-wide, definitely keep your eyes on this artist….Blow_flyy is booked by @aftonShows & Managed by Gary Johnson Jr  || email
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